Today’s Bible passages are: 1 Kings 7, Ephesians 4, Ezekiel 37, and Psalm 87-88

By Laurie Short

Have you ever felt “dead”? Like you are just walking around going through the motions in life? Maybe a little like Charlie Brown’s teacher? You remember:


Then suddenly, God wakes you up.

Maybe you look up and see the stars. Or see a sunset that makes you speechless.

pic 3-sunset

Maybe you have a health scare that has you on pins and needles. Or you read a sentence in the Bible that plunges into your heart. God has reached out— and brought you to life.

That’s a little like what happens in Ezekiel 37.

I am no Old Testament scholar, so I don’t have a complete understanding of what’s happening here, but I love this chapter. I think it illustrates how God wakes us up.
The prophet Ezekiel is told to preach to a valley of dry bones, when suddenly (and I sure would have loved to see this), those bones wake up! They rise.

First bone to bone, then tendon to tendon. Then flesh and skin. (Thankfully). And finally—breath.

It must have been a sight to see, that valley of dry bones coming to life. But it wasn’t the first time.

Look back to Genesis 1. God spoke, and life happened. The earth and sky.  Plants and trees. Fish and birds. You and me. His very word called forth life. And today, it still does. We see it in every baby’s first cry. And every soul that’s awakened.

The Word says Rise up and Live.

And so,

we do.

Image credit: Laurie Short

Today’s Question: Where do you need God to breathe life into you? (Respond in the comments.)

LauriePS_200Laurie Short (formerly Polich) is a speaker, associate pastor, and author of fourteen books for students and youth workers. This year, she’s releasing her first non youth ministry book, called Finding Faith in the Dark (Zondervan, 2014.) The subtitle is “When the Story of your life takes a turn you didn’t plan,” which is a pretty good description of Laurie’s life. Single for 48 years, Laurie married and became a mom in 2009. (Her stepson was six when she married). Her experience with singleness, marriage and (now) motherhood allows her to speak to women on a variety of levels.

Laurie is passionate about God’s word, and hopes this site will help women uncover new insights from familiar (and not so familiar) passages of Scripture. She has a Masters from Fuller Seminary, works part time at Ocean Hills Covenant Church, and balances the rest of her time as an author, speaker, wife and mom. (Don’t all women have five jobs?)

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  1. thanks for those comments… I love this chapter. We all need a wake up call sometimes!

  2. Hello Laurie, In my blog I recently expressed a similar sentiment in my entry “Sometimes that icky feeling or void, is God missing from your life.” I wrote this because I too had been existing and going through the motions. I had become so accustomed to finding temporary distractions until I realized what I truly needed was a wake up call from my Father. Isn’t is wonderful how God can speak life into our existence and create meaning. Thank you for such inspirational words. Please feel free to stop by:)

  3. Your words made me think of the song by Gungor “Dry Bones” —–> Such powerful imagery! Thank you for your words!!!! :-)

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