Today’s Bible passages are: 1 Kings 15, Colossians 2, Ezekiel 45, and Psalm 99-101

Psalm 101By Christina Vinson, Guest Contributor

Home. It’s where we, as women, can let our hair down—literally and figuratively.

Honestly, home is where I have my hair up most of the time—as in, ponytailed. Home is the place I don my rattiest sweatpants, where I let my guard down and have strange and extremely uncoordinated dance parties with my husband. It’s one of my favorite places to be.

Home is also one of the places I sin the most.

You see, along with my uneven complexion and ugliest lounging clothes, my sinful heart is laid bare at home. It’s where I let my guard down physically and spiritually, and because of that, sin flares up. It’s in the way I snap at my husband and worry incessantly about the perfect paint color for our bedroom. It’s when I look at my closet full of clothes; unable to find anything to wear, unsatisfied with what I have.

My home is unfortunately a place where sin has a stomping ground.

In Psalm 101, King David talks about his home—which was actually a palace—and expresses a commitment to shaping it into a godly place.

He begins by praising the Lord.

“I will sing of steadfast love and justice; to you, O Lord, I will make music.

Then, in verse 2 he says,

“I will ponder the way that is blameless.”

There are many definitions of blameless, a few being “of irreproachable character,” “innocent of wrongdoing,” “free from evil or guilt.” How often, when I’m sitting at home, do I ponder the way that is blameless?

One day, I was “working” from home, when in actuality, I was googling approximately a million photos of Kate Middleton and comparing myself to her. I began sinning in my heart, comparing my life to hers, my appearance to hers.

Then, my heart burrowed down into a full-fledged sin spree. I looked at Facebook “friends,” calculating their appearance, homes, travels, accomplishments. I envied more than one mommy blogger with the perfect topknot and impeccable style. It went on…for more time than I’m willing to admit. And, that whole time, I was sinning.

That doesn’t sound like pondering a way that is blameless at all, does it?

Finishing up verse 2 and in verse 3, David declares,

“I will walk with integrity of heart within my house; I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless.”

What would it look like to walk with integrity of heart within our homes? To answer our loved ones with gentleness instead of irritation, look around the room and feel rich in what we have, instead of thinking of everything we don’t have. Do I ask myself if the TV show, movie, blog, book that’s in front of my face is edifying to my faith? It’s a call that none of us can live up to, but in seeking the Lord’s face every day, I know we certainly will be more mindful of it. David doesn’t say he’ll try to walk with integrity in his home; he states it.

Integrity of heart doesn’t come easily—it didn’t come easily for David, and as women of the 21st century, it doesn’t come easily now. But, he ran after it confidently—and so can we. It doesn’t matter if you live in a cramped apartment or sprawling estate; as women of God, we need to be more bold in our stand for integrity in our homes. And from there, we can move outward.

The verses in Psalm 101 hold such high standards—holy standards. Let’s run after them together, shall we? It is then that our homes will feel very, very sweet. Home, sweet home.

Today’s Question: In what ways does sin become a stomping ground in your home? How can you ponder and practice a way that is blameless? (Respond in the comments.)

Christina Vinson is a freelance writer in Nashville, living in a tiny brick house with a real fireplace and lots of old books.  You can usually find her in the kitchen or in bed, because she’s really an expert at eating and sleeping. Her husband makes music, works at the best restaurant in the Music City, and does all of their laundry, much to her gratitude. The voyage through adulthood is not what she thought it’d be; it’s joyous, disappointing, surprising, and at times, debilitating. Through words, grace and time in the kitchen, she is learning how she likes to spend her days. You can view her writing website here.

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