“This site lives in wonderment about who God is and what, through Christ, he has accomplished.” – from the PYP Vision

We want to encourage expressions of wonderment and provide a forum that allows them to flow freely. This includes maintaining (and monitoring, where necessary) a tone that is welcoming and in good taste.

1.  You’re invited to comment on our site.

Respond to our questions. Ask questions of your own. Ponder the day’s Bible passages. Suggest related Scriptures. Tell a short story that relates. Suggest an application for the post’s principles. Quote a part of a post and say why you like it. Get creative and have fun. You may even include a link to your personal blog or a recent post.

2.  By commenting, you accept the following terms:

  • We reserve the right to delete, and we will delete, comments that are belittling, crass, off-topic, self-seeking (this includes SPAM), untrue, misleading, negative, or otherwise distracting or inappropriate. Deletion will happen at the sole discretion of the managers of this site.
  • Disagreement is not discouraged; however, all comments—whether you agree with our point of view or with another—must demonstrate graciousness and respect.
  • Comments belong to the author of the comment(s). We assume no responsibility or liability for comments posted by others, including individual authors and artists who are hosted on this site.
  • We reserve the right to update and/or change this comment policy.


We’re confident this policy can be adhered to easily and that it will promote beneficial discussions, both for those directly involved and for those observing. We look forward to hearing your reactions to PYP blog posts in their comment sections.

This comments policy was posted on 01 September 2013.